Wearable Art - One piece at a time...Since 2009

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Funky Fabrics

An intentionally small business.  With a workshop in the back and a sunroom for designing & sewing, I create wearable art & silk scarves in a peaceful environment with freedom to experiment and discover new techniques.

Womens Clothing - Silk Scarves - Wearable Art

raw silk top. one of a kind pintucked design hand dyed.

Quality Womens Clothing

Innovative designs

We put the "fun" in functional.  Each piece of wearable art is expertly dyed and sewn with passion & originality, 

 Quality Workmanship

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder.  But quality is something everyone wants. When you choose silk scarves, womens clothing or something else, be assured that they are lovingly made to last. 

Quality Products

Only he finest silk scarves, natural fabrics and top of the line dyes are used  in the making of my wearable art; with great attention to detail throughout the entire process.